About Us

PowerMitra is a leading solar aggregator with a mission to make the switch to solar energy quick, easy, and accessible for everyone. We envision a world where solar energy is affordable, accessible, and abundant for everyone. Our mission is to facilitate 100,000 individuals and businesses to go green by going solar for their energy needs by 2025.

PowerMitra's SaaS platform digitizes the value chain end-to-end, making everything easy, organized, and transparent. Our mobile app provides solar feasibility in just 30 seconds, with six instant quotes from trusted solar installers, up to 100% funding, project execution tracking, and real-time generation data monitoring. Our platform is fueled by creating young Indian entrepreneurs as business associates, backed by cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the solarization of India.

We believe that a sustainable future is possible, and we are committed to doing our part in achieving it. By leveraging technology and innovation, we aim to make solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone. Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses to make the switch to solar energy, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Switch On Solar with PowerMitra :
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Committed to facilitating 1,00,000 Individuals and businesses to go green & clean by going solar for their energy needs by 2025
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Become the catalyst to the biggest solar rollout in the world yet. Envision an India where Solar Energy is affordable, accessible & abundant for everyone.

Our Values

Our Team

Vik is a battle-hardened serial Entrepreneur with 17 yrs. of experience spanning multiple domains. These varied experiences have deepened his business acumen and persistence thresholds to keep delivering quality products and services When this workaholic is not working, you can find him pushing himself in a Triathlon, Marathon, or squash court. he has 10+ full marathons and 1 Ironman under his belt so far. He is a software engineer from the Army Institute of Technology, Pune University.

Vikesh "Vik" Sharma

Founder & Managing Director

KK has been leading tech teams and system implementations for 20+ yrs in the financial domain for prominent corporates. In the last 5 yrs, he has spearheaded greenfield tech initiatives by Multinational companies. His technical acumen and willingness to advise & fund the venture whenever required have ensured that PowerMitra is always steering in the right direction. KK loves his fish and nothing comes between him and his grilled fish. KK is an MBA from NMIMS.

Krishnakant "KK" Gaitonde

Investor, Director & Tech Advisor

Colonel Sahab is a retired Officer from the Indian Army. He brings with him 40+ years of experience in leadership and administration. His insights into leadership & strategy keep everyone disciplined and focused on & on the-toes. In his free time, you can find him in his beautiful Orchard in midst of the Himalayas planting trees and making the place greener.

Rattan "Colonel Sahab" Sharma

Co-Founder & Chief Administrator

Ankit is a battle-hardened entrepreneur and founder of Solar Inertia. He comes with 15+ yrs. experience in implementing solutions in the industrial power sector, rural electrification, and setting up micro-grids. He has implemented 25MW+ of Solar PV projects, and 500,000 LPD of solar hot water for clients in India, Africa, and the USA. He is a NABCEP certified Solar Designer & Installer. He is also an active member of SESI. He is an Engineering Graduate from the University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Ankit "AB" Barasia

Director Strategic Partnership

B is an entrepreneur, futurist and former investment banker at the intersection of finance, operations, technology and social innovation. She is a multiple time TEDx speaker, appeared in Inc. Magazine and speaks and presents frequently around the world. She has a Master of Engineering from the MIT Global SCALE Program.

Bian "B" Li

Advisor-Global Strategy & PR

Rocky brings with him over a decade of experience in designing & delivering cutting edge technology in a global context & a strong global network. In his free time you can find him swimming long distances, exploring new countries or honing his language skills He is an MBA from I.E. Business School, Madrid.

Rakesh "Rocky" Sharma


Since 2005, Jai has been working at the intersection of business, technology, and design across geographies and industries in various capacities – as a strategy consultant, educator, researcher, policy advisor, and startup coach. He is driven to innovate for ethical commerce, inclusive culture, and creating sustainable prosperity worldwide. As an Innovation Director with the Digital Strategy and Design team at Salesforce.com in India, Jai is a trusted advisor to CEOs to deliver digital transformations, leading with human centered values and creating new value for all stakeholders in their ecosystem.

Jairaj Mashru

Advisor-Design Thinking

Kishor brings with him a vast experience of 11 years on the table. He is a generalist software engineer who is relentlessly enterprising. He specializes in new technologies such as Blockchain, AI and ML. His technical expertise coupled with deep business acumen has helped PM to derive a winning tech strategy. When this go-getter is not working you can find him socializing or sitting under waterfalls.

Kishor "KP" Pawar

Co-Founder & CTO

Rohit is the youngest member of PowerMitra. He brings alot of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to the team. Always filled with ideas & passionate about making them come to life, RK is always eager to learn. He has demonstrated his ability to work in teams and deliver in a short time span. He is an IT Engineer from Mumbai University

Rohit "RK" Kaspale

Jr. Full Stack Developer

Pankaj is the most disciplined young blood of Powermitra. A go getter who believes in stopping not when he is TIRED but when he is DONE. He brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to the team. His persistent efforts have been highly appreciated by his superiors and colleagues alike. When this techie isnt working you can find him cycling across Mumbai on his bike

Pankaj "PG" Gurav

Jr. Full Stack Developer

With her 5 yrs of experience in Real Estate, Dee has a very deep understanding of customer needs. She is more of a consultant to customers, helping them to co-create a solution that fits their needs perfectly. In her free time you can find this fashionista wearing an artist's cap creating amazing nail art, paper quills. And yes she shops till she drops.

Dipali "Dee" Salunkh

Sr Manager - Business Development

GP is synonyms to HardWork. This Sustainability Warrior doesnt stop when he gets tired, he stops when he is done. His customers were all praises for his customer centricity and boundarylessness during his rich 5 yrs real estate stint. He is one of the brightest star in this war for clean air. In his personal life you can find him winning cricket matches for his team.

Ganesh "GP" Pujari

Sr Manager - Business Development

Swati is the Super-Woman who doesn't wear a red cape. She is the backbone of the Team, ensuring everything is timely & orderly. The don of PowerMitra has great people skills and is a great advisor. In other avatars, she is a great dancer & a good friend to everyone around her. Swati has done Masters from Mumbai University.

Swati Rajbhoj

Sr Manager - Marketing, HR, Accounts

Our Partners

Solar Inertia is an Accredited Channel Partner of L&T and handles design & execution of Solar PV power plants for L&T. Our team has NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners) certified professionals trained in USA. This team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals has 12 years of combined Solar industry experience. Having undertaken installations worldwide, we are well known in this field of expertise.

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Orb Energy was founded by Damian Miller and NP Ramesh in 2006. By 2007, Orb was operational in India with the mission to make solar energy affordable, available, and hassle-free to customers looking for a better energy alternative. Since its founding, Orb has sold more than 160,000 solar systems, with cumulative installations of more than 50MW of rooftop solar systems.