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Thrilled to be part of this event and super thrilled to be in Bengaluru where it all started 38 yrs 3 months and 5 days ago.

Somehow came back to this city only once after birth. Won't say this city looks different goes without saying as the priorities were different at that point of time. 😎

What makes this even more special is the reason to be here. We all are staring at irreversible climate change if something is not done about it within this decade. Its time for collective efforts to limit carbon emissions and move towards a sustainable future. Everyone needs to wakeup to this grave danger as nothing will matter if there is no planet left.

I am really grateful to Bian Li, The Hungry Lab, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Monash University and Asian Society of Innovation and Policy for giving me this opportunity to speak about the topic that not only is my business but also is the goal of my life/the reason for my existence. 😊

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